Adoption Lawyer in Athens and Huntsville, AL


Any single person or couple who wished to adopt a minor child in the State of Alabama must be aware of the laws related to adoption.

Alabama adoptions come in four different forms:

1. Private Adoptions

Private adoptions concern a private agreement between a birth parent and an adopting parent or couple. This type of Alabama adoption is best supervised by a lawyer who is experienced in the documentation. Once a document relinquishing the custody of a child is signed, the person who signs it has 14 days to revoke it. After this time, Alabama adoptions of this type are difficult to undo.

2. In-Agency Adoptions

In agency adoptions occur when parents give custody of a child to an agency that works with the State to find a new home. The agency will normally have a lawyer on hand to supervise all aspects of the procedure.

3. Public Adoptions

Public adoptions involve transferring a child who has become a ward of the State after being taken away from unfit parents. These types of adoptions are supervised by child protective services.

4. Intercountry Adoptions

Intercountry adoptions involve a child from another country. An Alabama adoption of this type requires the person performing it to comply with both American and International Law.

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