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Our firm is dedicated to the practice of Family Law. We define Family Law as a legal practice focused on issues involving family relationships and family assets.

Family relationships include concerns such as adoption, divorce, child custody, guardianships, and others. It also includes legal issues that become important as we age. Often this area of Law is referred to as Elder Law. Elder Law covers financial and health care issues you or your family may face if your health declines.

Family assets involve any asset owned by one or both spouses and ordinarily used by a spouse or minor child of either spouse for a family purpose, for example, the matrimonial home, furniture, and car. Often the family assets are referred to as the Marital Estate. In a divorce, the family assets are equitably distributed, but not necessarily equally distributed. In the case of death, the assets are bequeathed by testamentary succession, a will for example, or operation of Law if no will is present.

Family Law Practice in Athens & Huntsville

We offer expert legal support for child custody, divorce family law matters and more in the Athens and Huntsville, AL communities.

A Client-Centered Firm

We are a client-centered law firm in Athens, Alabama. Our client-centered approach recognized the ancient and honorable origin of Advocacy (Lawyering) as a profession. As your advocate or lawyer, you may rest assured that our interest is your interest. We will work every day, all day, to help you achieve your goals. In short, you’re going to like the way we treat you.

About Michael Tease

Michael Tease has worked extensively as a Senior Corporate leader of Consumer Product and Medical Device companies both in the U.S. and Internationally.

Most recently, he was the President and CEO of a Medical Device vertical integration company based in Miami, where he led the acquisition strategy for a global hearing aid manufacturer acquiring and merging medical device retail companies across the United States. In 2019, Michael left his corporate career to return to his home in Alabama to resume the practice of Law privately with his wife, Natalie. Michael holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from the United States Military Academy at West Point, NY, where he graduated as an infantry officer. He holds a Master of Business Administration from St. Joseph’s University in Pennsylvania and a Doctor of Jurisprudence from Birmingham School of Law. Michael is admitted to practice law before all federal, State, and municipal courts or administrative bodies in Alabama.

The Chess Knight Explained

Family Lawyers confront daily the family wreckage caused by alcohol, drug abuse, neglect, and other factors. Police raids may generate the headlines, but the real story of devastation is told in the law office and domestic courtrooms.

Consequently, Family Lawyers must possess the wit, the tools, and the resolve to protect their clients in times of crisis, and they must use every legal strategy available to achieve the best outcome possible.

That is why we chose the Chess Knight as the symbol of our law firm. The Chess Night is the most versatile piece on the board. It can move in eight different directions, over obstacles, and it’s always unexpected.

The Chess Knight is a formidable weapon, and so is your law firm.

Family law practice in Athens and Huntsville, AL