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What is Elder Law?

Elder Law is the legal practice of counseling and representing older persons and persons with special needs, and their representatives about the legal aspects of health and long-term care planning, public benefits, surrogate decision making, legal capacity, the conservation, disposition, and administration of estates and the implementation of their decisions concerning such matters, giving due consideration to the applicable tax consequences of the action, or the need for more sophisticated tax expertise.

While many people view these matters simply as planning for their future to benefit their loved ones, it’s essential to recognize that Elder Law is a rapidly growing field of law that offers essential protections for individuals as they age, not only in terms of preparing for the end but also in preparing for the care they may require before that time.

Elder Law’s focus is to address clients’ evolving needs as they grow older. Consequently, the legal services involved can take various forms, such as predicting and planning for long-term care, assisting in appointing a fiduciary or Power of Attorney, providing guidance on potential public or private resources to cover projected costs, and safeguarding the interests and well-being of our clients.

More than a Will

It’s important to note that planning for the future involves more than just creating a standard will. A growing number of Americans require additional care to perform their daily activities. According to a release by the AARP in March 2017, approximately “60% (7 million) of adults needing help with everyday activities were 65 or older.”

Estate planning and long-term care preparation have become essential for Americans, and Michael Tease Law is prepared to assist our clients in planning for their golden years. If you require assistance or guidance, we are ready to support you.

To learn more and determine if our firm is the right fit for you, schedule an initial consultation. When you contact our office, we will provide you with information about what to expect, and you will also receive additional details by mail before your meeting.

Elder Law Practice for North Alabama

We focus on clients' evolving needs as they age.

A Client-Centered Firm

We are a client-centered law firm in Athens, Alabama. Our client-centered approach recognizes the ancient and honorable origin of Advocacy (Lawyering) as a profession. As your advocate or lawyer, you may rest assured that our interest is your interest. We will work every day, all day, to help you achieve your goals. In short, you’re going to like the way we treat you.

About Michael Tease

Michael Tease is an Elder Law Attorney serving North Alabama

Michael holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from the United States Military Academy at West Point, NY, where he graduated as an infantry officer. He holds a Master of Business Administration from St. Joseph’s University in Pennsylvania and a Doctor of Jurisprudence from Birmingham School of Law. Michael is also a graduate and member of Elder Law College. He is admitted to practice law before all federal, State, and municipal courts or administrative bodies in Alabama.


The Chess Knight Explained

The Chess Knight is the most versatile piece on the board. It can move in eight different directions, over obstacles, and it’s always unexpected. 

That is why we chose the Chess Knight as the symbol of our law firm. 

The Chess Knight is a formidable weapon, and so is your law firm.

According to 2021 data, there are 55.8 million adults in the U.S. over the age of 65, accounting for 16.8 percent of the population. By 2040, that proportion is projected to grow to 22 percent. 

Seven in ten of those people will need some form of long-term care in their lifetime, at a cost now averging about $8,000 every month – nearly $100,000 each year.

When faced with catastrophic long term care costs, retirment savings don’t last long for a person or couple who have worked their entire lives to save for retirment and leave a legacy. Too, long term care costs can often result in the “well” or “surviving spouse” becoming impovershed.

Consequently, Elder Lawyers must possess the wit, the tools and the resolve to protect their clients in times of crisis, and they must use every legal strategy to protect their assets, assure they have the best possible care and serve as the central resource to families trying to navigate unfamilar government systems and the network of local community resources such as social service agencies, financial advisors, long term care providers and others a family may not know about. 


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